Nimbus Exchange®

Your private on-ramp to Public Cloud and Storage Infrastructure Providers.

Internet connections to the cloud are more than adequate for provisioning a new virtual server or managing your resource pool, but unlike today’s enterprise-class internal IT networks, it was designed as a multi-path, best-effort service. Consequently, it falls short when used to transport large data loads or ensure data security.

As a Network Solution Provider and Cloud Services Expert, Nimbus Inc. has created Nimbus Exchange® – a highly redundant and scalable platform – to provide a Directly Connected Gateway between the public cloud-based compute and storage resource pools and end customers’ private infrastructure.

Nimbus Exchange® will provision and manage a dedicated, direct, private connection for our customers in bandwidth increments from 10Mbps to 10Gbps.

With Nimbus Exchange® customers’ data travels across a private connection to/from their cloud infrastructure:

  • Mitigating large file transfer time-outs – accelerating data-upload times and decreasing time-outs
  • Delivering enhanced end-to-end network performance, speed and reliability, whilst lowering overall IP transit costs
  • Enabling customers to extend their connectivity and further monetize their Carrier Ethernet Networks
  • Lowering infrastructure costs and increasing on-demand bandwidth performance
  • Facilitating Business Continuity Disaster Recovery (BCDR) – by providing Direct Access to cloud storage infrastructure across multiple regions for data mirroring and fail-over
  • Providing Dedicated Direct Connections to other cloud customers and partners’ web-based services

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